Rubio Monocoat Africa Success Story - Fregate Island

Type Projet:

Island Resort - Exterior and Interior wood protection solution



Lieux :

Seychelles, Afrique du Sud


Rubio Monocoat Africa


Client overview: 

Fregate Island is a unique privately owned island, 2 hours away from Seychelles main island. It’s a sanctuary to a rehabilitated indigenous forest, and home to a range of highly protected species, such as the  Hawkbill Turtle and Seychelles Magpie Robin. 

The island offers 7 secluded beaches, one frequently voted “most beautiful in the world”. Fregate Island is referred to as the ‘jewel of conservation’, and Seychelles’ own true sanctuary for tourists, offering whole island rental options, romantic dining venues, yacht club, dive centre and historic chapel.

Project overview: 

Three years ago, Rubio Monocoat Africa was asked to provide an environmentally friendly, wood protection solution for all the interiors, the exteriors of some 20 villas, and common areas of the entire resort on Fregate Island.

Rubio Monocoat (RMC) needed to provide a wood protection solution, which had to factor in the harsh weather conditions, protection from harsh sunlight (UV) exposure, offshore sea winds, and tropical storms. The tailored approach needed to be easy to implement, allowing the resort to apply the all-natural oil quickly and effectively. This optimised villa availability, due to a fast turnaround time, and thereby minimising the impact on occupancy rates.

Testimonial: “The Rubio Monocoat team provided an excellent offering that met our specific needs. We needed a product that would stand the test of time, that was environmentally friendly, and easy for our maintenance team to apply. After some 3 years, we are extremely impressed with the durability, and how the colours have continued to bring out the natural look of all our wooden finishes. I would strongly recommend this product to all other resorts, who need long lasting protection, and a cost effective solution against weather, and high traffic from visitors” - Evans Appasamy - Engineering Supervisor.

Product outline: 

Application used in Chalets:
RMC Oil Plus 2C Interior – custom (dark brown)

Colors used on the decking and Exterior:
RMC HWP Exterior - custom (dark brown)

Challenges overcome: 
  • The RMC oil was so hard wearing and robust, that maintenance was only applied after some 3 years.
  • Due to the sensitive environment and micro-species of the island, a environmentally friendly product had to be applied. This was a true testament to the effective nature of RMC Oil (0% VOC), wood treatment product.

Why choose Rubio Monocoat:
  • 0% VOC, does not contain any water solvents and environmentally friendly product. 
  • RMC team worked closely with its headquarters in Belgium, to develop customised combinations of colours applied to the furniture, villas, and exterior decking.
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