3x3 Custom - Train Table

Type Projet:

Custom Build



Lieux :

Bergen County, NJ, États-Unis

Types de bois

Chêne Blanc d`Amérique


When we saw the train table that Tamar from 3x3 Custom created, we knew we wanted to reach out and pick her brain on how she ended up creating such a wonderful piece. We reached out with a few questions and wanted to post her responses below.

Could you explain a little bit more your project? I am on a mission to transform my playroom by building toys that look like high end pieces of furniture. This train table looks like a regular coffee table except for the train tracks that are routed out directly on the table top.

How did you come up with the idea of making this table? I was sick of looking at ugly plastic toys in my playroom. My son loves to play with trains, but he doesn’t love building the tracks. Now the tracks are always there, ready for him to start playing and the table is nice to look at!

How do you know Rubio Monocoat? I think I first saw Rubio on Instagram, not sure whos account.

Were there uncertainties about Rubio Monocoat before you started the project? If yes, how did Rubio Monocoat solve these uncertainties? No, I have used it before and loved the process and results.

What were the advantages of working together with RMC? I love that it is one coat, and done. That saves me a lot of time and I am able to start moving on to my next project. I also love that it’s safe for me and my children. Oh and it smells really good!

Were there disadvantages? With this table it was a little bit more difficult to buff away the excess because of the routed tracks. It wasn't really a disadvantage, just a little bit more time consuming than buffing on a flat surface.

Were you aware of the certificates (f ex. the toy standard) we had before choosing our oil? Or was it more of a nice surprise after you already decided to use or product? I’m actually just finding out about this right now! I knew it was a safe choice for my family, but didn’t know it was actually certified for toys. That is really reassuring to know.  

Is this certificate (or other certificates) of great importance for you? It is, I try my best to only choose products that are safe for my family. Knowing that it’s certified for toys gives me one less thing to worry about.




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